Two stories…

This is Maya. She is the community leader of Nasir Pur slum area. She is a strong headed woman that fights to improve the water and sanitation conditions of her community and she wants more schools in the area. Maya owns a two storey brick house and her family is the only one out of two in the entire area to

own a private toilet. She says her toilet is crucial to her and her daughters to have a dignified and convenient life. They keep the toilet very clean and show it proudly to visitors.

Sania runs a kiosk and lives with her six children in a two-room brick house. One room has a kitchen and sleeping area – the other room is used to store water containers and it has a toilet bowl. However, the bowl is not connected to any tank or sewer. Sania could only afford the bowl and hoped to be able to save enough money for an 

underground construction. Sania said that she would not mind to have just a small tank – so I asked her whether she would like to have a tank that could be emptied every other day. “Of course”, she said, “that’s what I am saying”. What a great idea…


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