A summary of our world toilet day:

When we learned that the United Nations had declared November 19th to be the official, international World Toilet Day, we didn’t hesitate for a second: this needed to be celebrated! It was the perfect opportunity to thank everyone who had been supporting us in Lima, to open our doors to whomever cared, and also – maybe most importantly – to talk some serious Sanitation-Talk. We are confronted with the symptoms and results of a lack of Sanitation and Public Health systems on a daily basis in our work, so we wanted to invite some experts to exchange thoughts and ideas about the future of Sanitation and Urbanism in Lima. Manuel de Rivero (Professor for Architecture and Urban Visionary), Jochen Beerhalter (Environmental Engineer and Consultant for the Housing Ministry), Verónica Rondón (Architect and Director of Aynimundo) and Christian D. León (Agricultural Engineer and coordinator of LiWa) accepted our invitation to be part of our panel. Isabel, whose chair was exchanged for a family’s toilet (how could it be otherwise) moderated the discussion.
Manuel talked about the three generations of Lima and shared his view about why the city is struggling with the problems it has right now. Veronica talked about her field-experience with Aynimundo in Villa el Salvador and Jochen gave us some insight in current water-projects. Christian tried to answer the very difficult question about the future of Lima as being among the top three Mega-cities with the highest vulnerability towards Global Warming.
Long attention spans of our guests were rewarded with wine and finger-food, and we even got (almost) everyone to get their picture taken on our family’s toilet – the perfect ending to a very interesting and fun night. Thanks for celebrating with us!

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