Rosita (English Version)

Today we want to introduce you to a very special person, who was adventurous enough to join the x-runner team at our very first steps in Villa el Salvador. One could describe Rosa, known as Rosita among team members, as five feet full of joy, talent, persistence, smiles … and much more! Rosita is responsible for the money collection and supports the acquisition of new customers. She learns fast, is innovative and an excellent problem solver. She is very respected among clients and highly appreciated and loved by all x-runners. Rosita, thank you for being part of this journey! 
For those who want to learn more about Rosita we invite you to read this little interview in which she tells us, among other things, how she arrived at x-runner, what “team” and “family” mean to her, and …. perhaps the most interesting of all: if she’s a folder or a cruncher (of you-know-what)!

1. How do your friends react when they find out where you work? 
Surprised , they are very curious. They always ask me and I enjoy to make them suffer a bit with the answer.
2. How did you arrive at x -runner ? It was a rare, natural and nice chance created by fate and my dad lol
3. Name three things you would take to a desert island and explains why. 
A camera to take many pictures to have memories of that adventure. My favorite book to distract myself and not lose that nice habit. And a book of survival because everything else will be given to me by nature.
4. What does TEAM mean to you? One for all, all for one and STRENGTH.
5. What does FAMILY mean to you? A tie and perfect bond, unique and unbreakable that does not discriminate blood.
6. If you could travel to any place in the world … where would you go and why? Who you take with you? 
I would take to my mom, because if it wasn’t for her I would not exist, and if I wouldn’t exist, I wouldn’t have gotten the gift of going anywhere I want. And if I wouldn’t go with her, I’d take whomever reflects my happiness in that moment to any place because any place is perfect when you go with the right person.
7. If you could choose a character, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom you could share a glass of wine and have a conversation, who would it be and why? 
With my conscience or my other self, so that I would know myself, but from a different perception. It would be a very interesting talk.
8. What do you like about working with x -runner? To smile and laugh.
8. And the final question…. Toilet Paper: fold it or crunch it?
Fold it because crunching it is messy…

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