Collection Day

If you’ve ever wondered what an x-runner is up to on a Thursday morning, here’s your chance to know! At x-runner, a Thursday is equivalent to “shit collection day”. It’s the day we go to the communities to collect our client’s feces and provide them with fresh biodegradable bags and sawdust for the coming week. It is also a chance for us to check in with our clients and make sure that they are satisfied.

Our workday starts at 5:30 am, which is when everyone meets at our treatment hub in Villa El Salvador. While Cristian and Daniel, our “Collectors”, load the truck with bags of fresh sawdust, Celia, our Operations manager, makes last minute arrangements and keeps track of time. One of Celia’s most important responsibilities on shit-collection day is punctuality: our clients expect us to be there on time, since they leave home early to go to work.

At 6 am sharp the loaded truck leaves for San Juan de Miraflores (SJM) and arrives in Pamplona at 6:30 am. Within one and a half hours it stops at five different collection points. Thanks to our new Jingle, our client-families can now hear the truck arriving and are reminded that it’s time to take their buckets out . Check out this video to hear our Jingle. At the truck, Daniel takes out the old, full biodegradable bags from the client’s buckets and hands out two new bags with enough sawdust for the coming week. Cristian, who stands inside the truck, takes the full bags and places them in a large container. Through a special software on his smartphone he registers client data, such as the bag’s condition. After making sure that every client brought their bucket and that every client is satisfied with the service, the truck leaves for the next community, California, where the entire procedure is repeated.

 At around 10am our treatment hub once again becomes the center stage: the fully loaded truck returns “home” and is unloaded by Cristian, Daniel and Roy. Now, every single bag is weighed and it’s content’s condition (humidity, non-organic material, etc.) is registered with the same software mentioned earlier. The last part of the process is the dumping of the bags on the compost piles, which is where the compost-magic happens.

by Sophie Medem

One thought on “Collection Day

  1. Really impressed with your operations and how the community members have accepted and approved of your service. Very innovative way of using mobile applications to input data which makes your work easier. Well done!

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