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Sustainia_picScandinavian think tank SUSTAINIA, released a study on 100 leading sustainability innovations deployed on global markets. And x-runner is selected for its state-of-the-art innovation.

More than 900 technologies and projects on nearly all continents have been researched to identify the 100 outstanding cases, and to document where and how innovations are being developed and deployed. The study, SUSTAINIA100, is showing a growing diversity in sustainability innovations globally, which is providing businesses with new market opportunities.

“The selected Sustainia100 solutions are an inspiration to companies, cities and consumers worldwide. Sustainable innovation is truly transforming markets and industries these years – things are happening at an incredible pace. You will lack behind if you as a business does not gear your company towards a changed landscape, where an efficient and sustainable operation is key to long-term survival,” says Laura Storm, Director of Sustainia.   

The released study, SUSTAINIA100, covers new efforts to turn the fashion and food industries, homes, offices and transportation systems more efficient, sustainable and enjoyable. All identified innovations are readily available with demonstrated sustainability environmental, social and economic effects. The 100 selections are currently deployed in 142 countries.

“While we don’t have the luxury of time to fix the problems, we do have the luxury of readily available solutions. And with Sustainia100, we now know where to find the most inspiring of them,” says Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri, Chair of the UN panel for climate Change, IPCC.

Circular economy, big data and improved supply chains
The published SUSTAINIA100 cases presents’ trailblazing innovation across 10 industries. Among the cases, three drivers are shaping market-ready innovation: circular economy products, data analytics and sustainability practices throughout the supply chain.

 “We are seeing how especially circular economy is a growing focus area. This is especially due to the resource and fashion industry rethinking methods and calling for sustainable alternatives in production and services. This is a huge incentive for sustainable innovators,” says Laura Storm, director of SUSTAINIA.

 The study of 100 leading sustainability innovations are released today in Oslo, Norway, and available online. Behind the work is an alliance of private companies and international organizations including: UN Global Compact, WWF, Regions20, Monday Morning Global Institute, IFHP, Novo Nordisk, Storebrand, DNV GL, Realdania and Brunata.


SUSTAINIA100 is an annual guide to 100 innovative sustainability solutions from around the world. The guide identifies readily available projects, initiatives and technologies at the forefront of sustainable innovation. This year, Sustainia’s research team and advisory board screened a pool of +900 nominated solutions from which the final 100 solutions were selected. SUSTAINIA100 gives investors, business leaders, policy makers and consumers insights into promising solutions within their respective fields. These vetted projects and technologies span from Western innovation hubs to emerging economies. The 2014 SUSTAINIA100 guide, released on June 16 in Oslo, is the third edition.


International think tank SUSTAINIA is behind the annual SUSTAINIA100 guide. With a focus on identifying and advocating readily available, financially viable and scalable innovations, SUSTAINIA’s mission is to mature markets for sustainable products and services. SUSTAINIA brings together an international alliance of partners – companies, NGOs, foundations and thought leaders – that work together across sectors to accelerate sustainable transformation of industries and lifestyles.  Former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger serves as Honorary Chair of SUSTAINIA. Partners include: UN Global Compact, the EU Commission, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s initiative Regions20, International Federation for Housing and Planning and world-leading companies and organizations: UN Global Compact, WWF, Regions20, Monday Morning Global Institute, IFHP, Novo Nordisk, Storebrand, DNV GL, Realdania and Brunata.


SUSTAINIA100 covers innovative solutions in 10 sectors: Education, Energy, Health, Smart Cities, Resources, Buildings, Food, Fashion, Transportation and Information Technology.


SUSTAINIA AWARD is given to one of the selected 100 solutions in SUSTAINIA100. Honorary Chair of SUSTAINIA, Arnold Schwarzenegger heads the selection committee that also includes former Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland, EU Commissioner of Climate Action Connie Hedegaard and Chair of the UN climate panel, IPCC, Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri. The committee honors the annual winner of this international sustainability award at a ceremony in Copenhagen, October 30, 2014.


The SUSTAINIA100 solutions are selected based on the three dimensions of sustainability; environmental, social, and economic. SUSTAINIA has adopted a systematic approach to collecting solutions in concert with a global sustainability network. This approach runs year round with a final deadline for solutions in March.  Through our online platform, innovators from around the globe can submit their solutions or tip us on solutions they find interesting. The submissions are supplemented by extensive research carried out internally to ensure quality as well as geographic and sector diversity. Finally, in consultation with an independent advisory board of 21 experts, the solutions are carefully vetted and selected using the five evaluation criteria: Readily available, positive environmental impact, financially viable, improve quality of life and scalability.

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