Our Volunteers

10382112_698115083581554_3400888103624051116_oX-runner teamed up with the Universidad del Pacífico and created a voluntary program: with the help of motivated young students we sell our sanitary solution in the community. Since day one it has been an enriching experience, not only for the students and the community but also for the x-runner team. For six weeks the volunteers accompany us to Pamplona where they explain the benefits and details of the “family’s” toilet to interested citizens. By doing so they develop skills such as assertive communication and empathy, and self-reportedly go through a horizon-expanding experience. One volunteer states: “I have been witness to how (the x-runner solution) changes people’s lives and that of their children (…) and have started to reflect about which tools I am provided with in my career that could help me work in a social field.” 

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