SOPHIE MEDEM, Former HR Manager

This September I started a two-year Masters program in Social Organizational Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University, in New York City. I was driven to apply to this program because at x-runner, I had learned how crucial a motivated, qualified and flexible team is for an organization’s success.

Social Organizational Psychology addresses organizational issues such as leadership, change management, group dynamics and conflict resolution, to name a few. Essentially, a social organizational psychologist is able to examine an organization from the human capital perspective and to propose and implement solutions to tackle people-related challenges. My personal goal is to work with social businesses and in the non-for profit sector to enhance an organization’s impact while creating workspaces that push for innovative thinking, professional growth and personal fulfillment.

The program has been great so far, and I talk so passionately about x-runner that I wouldn’t be surprised if my colleagues, of whom I still haven’t gotten to know all, thought my name was actually “x-runner”. I have great respect for my fellow students, who have worked at places like Google and McKinsey and who come from top-notch schools from around the world. But even though it is sometimes intimidating to sit in a classroom and share thoughts with such talented minds, putting my experience from x-runner to the table gives me confidence, because I realize that I already applied many of the concepts I am now learning the theoretical frameworks of

While I can’t wait to continue exploring the exciting field of Social Organizational Psychology, I am closely following what is going on at x-runner in Lima, and am filled with pride to see it growing continuously.

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