Startup Perú – winning the support of the Peruvian Government

In 2012 the Peruvian Ministry for Production launched the competition Startup Perú with the objective to promote the creation of new Peruvian companies, awarding winners a USD 42.000 grant. Winning projects are chosen by a jury that grades applicants based on the innovation of their product and service, on the use of technology as part of the business model, on employment generation and on the opportunities to expand internationally.

In September, x-runner applied to this year’s Startup Perú competition in the category for startups with high impact. We made it into the final round that consisted of a 3-minute pitch session followed by several questions asked by the jury. And last week, the final results were announced: along with nine other startups, x-runner has won the Startup Perú prize for 2015!

We are happy to have won and are honored to be part of this year’s list of most promising Peruvian startups. We are, however, most excited about the fact that the Peruvian government has decided to support as, and we look forward to this collaboration!

Link: http://www.start-up.pe

One thought on “WE WON StartUp PERU!

  1. My congratulations go to X – Runner and all other 9 start-ups!!! You deserve it all, after so many years of comittment and hard work, to improve peoples lives in the pooerst areas of South America!! BAVO!

    Cecilia Ferrreyros Medem

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