Working at x-runner

Milayda Sedano

“All mIMG_0060y life I have worked as a cleaning maid in homes. I began working at x-runner in 2013, helping with the bucket washing and cleaning the treatment plant. In October of last year I was officially hired to take care of the waste pick-up service and to be in charge of customer service. My first challenge at my new job was to solve problems and complaints from customers: I w
as afraid of not being able to answer correctly or, worse, of not knowing the answer. However, experiencing face to face the happiness of our customers and seeing that we really improve their lives helped me overcome my fears. My next big challenge was learning to use a computer: I had never in my life used a laptop, and I did not even know how to switch it on. x-runner supported me with private lessons, but then I decided to continue with the course on my own to learn more. Now I can enter data from paper to a spreadsheet in Google Drive! My next challenge is to learn how to use our new data management system,, in my daily work. I am happy because now I can do things, like working on a computer, that I would not have dreamed of before. Mostly I feel blissful because my daughter is proud of me and because I feel I’m a good example for her. I want to encourage her to follow in my footsteps and to have the courage to overcome herself!”

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