x-runner is a social enterprise that aims to lead the transition to sustainable and inclusive cities through the development of alternative sanitation solutions. The x-runner team is dedicated, united, and ambitious. Within 6 years the enterprise has grown from an idea of 2 people to a professional team of 24.

As a social enterprise, x-runner manages a hybrid-business model, in which the profit and non-profit approach blend: Therefore, the enterprise is financed through both its own generated revenues and through external funding from foundations, development agencies, and private donors.

Since its start, x-runner has maintained the tradition of working and collaborating closely with various partners from the academic, private, and public sector. Those partnerships have become indispensable for the enterprise as they contributed strongly to the successful growth and prospering of the venture. X-runner takes great pride in the productive collaboration approaches with its strategic partners and funding partners and therefore, seeks to improve and further strengthen those relationships on a national and international level.

The Fundraising Officer reports and works directly with the CEO. The main aim of this position is to ensure a constant flow of incoming funds for research and development activities and a continuous, solid communication with all its funders and partners.

• Research new grand opportunities and develop a network of contacts to increase x-runner´s success rate in finding and securing foundation funding.
• Create and write compelling applications and impact reports.
• Identify and develop high-impact projects within the organization to match funders and partners.
• Develop project budgets and indicator matrixes
• Acquire deep understanding for national and international trends in sanitation sector.
• Maintaining and making continued improvements to a donor database.
• Maintain a grant tracking system to ensure that all deadlines for grant applications and reporting are met.
• Ensure that all donors receive timely thank you letters and other expressions of gratitude.


We are looking for a person with a bachelor degree and with 2+ year in the Social Enterprise or NGO sector and who understands the basics of fundraising activities on a national or international platform.

The position would be half-time and requires the ability to work independently, self-disciplined, and with an irregular time schedule.

Further requirements:
• Perfect English and Spanish
• Outstanding, high-level writing skills in English.
• Confident in working independently and with self-discipline
• Familiarity with reading budgets, financial projections and indicator matrixes
• Confident in acquiring comprehension of ecological and social complexities within a system and various processes.

S/. 2000 (neto).

Half-time: 24 hours per week.


Apply before February 7th by sending your resume (max. 1 page) and a motivation letter, providing answers to the questions below, to with in the subject line: “Recruitment: Fundraising Officer (name)”.

1) Why x-runner? (max. 100 words)
2) According to you, what is key to the success of a Fundraising Officer at x-runner, and how is does this relate to your profile / experience? (max. 100 words)
3) How are you different from other candidates that have similar experience and qualifications? How do you think this difference would contribute to the organization? (max. 100 words)

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