clemencia ZuñigaClemencia Zuñiga

“My name is Clemencia Zuñiga and I have had my Family’s toilet for three years now. Before having the dry toilet, my life was quite different: I used to have a pit latrine and it was very uncomfortable, it caused many problems because it attracted cockroaches, flies and bad odours. Another problem was that it filled up very quickly, and since we could not make a deeper hole because of the rocks, we had to make another hole in the ground every few years. Since I have had Family’s my life has changed, everything is cleaner and more hygienic. I am very happy, because now my daughters and I feel like we have a normal life. Besides I do not need to be worried about accidents, like them falling into the pit latrine. I can invite visitors to my home because we do not have flies or cockroaches anymore, now our home is clean and smell-free. I recommend Family’s to everyone, especially due to its effect on your home’s hygiene and more importantly because it does not use water.”

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We now accept donations from private supporters throughout the whole year! If you donate to us, we now can send you a receipt. Depending on your place of residence, your donation will be tax-deductible. This has been made possible thanks to the independently founded X-runner Association in Switzerland that can accept private donations and institutional grants. Every cent going to the Association will be directly transferred to the project in Lima.

If you want to make a wire transfer, visit the Association’s blog page or reach out directly to contact@xrunner-friends.com

If you would like to make a donation by credit card, please visit our trusted online Fundraising platform Agora for Good.


For the x-runner team the year 2015 resembles a big and bright firework!

The greatest excitement, of course, is our progress in the field: we tripled the number of customer households in the past year! We are immensely proud to be serving over 2000 individuals and managing almost daily pick-up operations. Today, to have a “family’s” dry toilet fills our customers with pride and joy! They know that they now live in a healthier and cleaner home, they can invite their friends over for dinner, and they feel empowered by having made the right choice for their family! Continue reading “A LOOK BACK AT AN EVENTFUL 2015”

Natalia at the VIVA Group Business Workshop

Natalia at the VIVA Group Business Workshop

Our new COO and expert in Impact Measuring, Natalia Benavides, participated in a week long workshop for Social Enterprises offered by the Schmidheiny Award. She shares her experience with us here.

For a week, I had the joy of participating in the Workshop for Social Entrepreneurs of the VIVA Group INCAE Business School in Costa Rica. This workshop was a perfect opportunity for me to go beyond my main focus of logistics of operations and dive a little deeper into the strategic part of x-runner.

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Startup Perú – winning the support of the Peruvian Government

In 2012 the Peruvian Ministry for Production launched the competition Startup Perú with the objective to promote the creation of new Peruvian companies, awarding winners a USD 42.000 grant. Winning projects are chosen by a jury that grades applicants based on the innovation of their product and service, on the use of technology as part of the business model, on employment generation and on the opportunities to expand internationally.

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